The Measure of Success

When the legal profession talks about achieving greater diversity and inclusion, what does that mean? Is there any clear consensus within the legal profession as to the ultimate diversity and inclusion goals and objectives that we are pursuing?

IILP, working with the Association of Legal Administrators, hopes to answer this, and other questions, with its research study “The Measure of Success.”” The Measure of Success” is an online study that seeks to determine what the legal profession’s short- and long-term diversity and inclusion goals and objectives are. It looks at how the legal profession measures or would recognize diversity and inclusion success. It inquires into the appropriate bases against which to measure diversity and inclusion efforts. It examines whether the profession values some types of diversity more than others. And it considers what different segments of the profession – law firms, corporate law departments, government agencies, and bar associations – could, should, and are doing to further those diversity and inclusion goals and objectives.

Lawyers, judges, law students, academics, legal administrators, diversity professionals, bar association staff – anyone who is part of the legal profession is invited to respond to the survey. All individual answers are completely anonymous and will remain confidential.

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It will remain open until March 15, 2013.

A report on the findings will be published and made available at no cost to anyone interested.

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