The Social Impact Incubator

The Social Impact Incubator has two primary goals:

1. Create a new generation of diversity thought leaders in the legal profession, and;

2. Generate new, innovative ideas to address social impact challenges in the legal profession.

The Incubator brings together 20-40 young lawyers, drawn from non-profits, in-house counsel, government, and law firms who have already demonstrated an early interest in and commitment to social impact through diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. They will work together to:

·         Identify the challenges and issues affecting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession;

·         Learn the history and experiences of the legal profession’s diversity and inclusion efforts;

·         Familiarize themselves with the diversity within diversity through examination of the similarities, differences, and synergies among the challenges faced by different types of minority groups within the legal profession;

·         Gain experience in speaking about, advocating for, marshalling resources to support, and implementing programming about diversity and inclusion in the legal profession; and,

·         Envision, shape, and lead the future direction of the legal profession’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

The Incubator is led and directed by its young lawyer members. They shape its parameters and shepherd its growth and direction in a way that inspires, excites, and is relevant to their generation. Along the way, they have opportunities to build skills that will not only serve them within the Social Impact Incubator, but in their careers: advocacy, public speaking, consensus building, working with the news media and public/government officials, organizational strategies and business models, and both individual and organizational leadership.

Cohort I Members

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Exciting News

Cohort II - launching in 2024!

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