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Upcoming events

    • 23 Oct 2018
    • (CDT)
    • 3 sessions
    • Winston & Strawn LLP ∙ 35 W. Wacker Dr. ∙ Chicago, IL

    The U.S. legal profession has devoted a great deal of attention to issues of diversity and inclusion within its membership. What has been missing, however, are the coordination, communication, and cooperation needed to stay abreast of trends and developments and to learn about the many different facets of diversity, including the diversity within diversity. The IILP Review seeks to fill that void. It uniquely gathers data, academic research, personal observations, and analysis of current efforts. The Review reflects IILP’s desire to dig into the facts and to provide a forum for candid discussion. 

    This symposium will feature the IILP’s 2017 Review on the State of Diversity and Inclusion with presentations from some of its authors, as well as a roundtable panel discussion about Diversity and Inclusion.

    The IILP Review serves as the focal point for nine symposia that we are presenting around the country so that our profession can discuss these issues in person. We hope that you and others from your organization will join us at these symposia and share your thoughts and insights.

    Each of the symposia on the state of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession features:

    • Highlights of the most current data and statistics about diversity within the legal profession;
    • Presentations on "diversity within diversity" and the implications for the legal profession; and,
    • A discussion about the state of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

    Please note that for security reasons, advanced registration is required to attend this event, and presentation of state-issued ID will be required to enter the building on the day of the event. 


    2:00-2:30 pm - Registration 

    2:30-5:30 pm - Program 

    5:30-6:30 pm - Reception

    NOTE: Please email or call Jenna Meyers at or 312.554.2053 with any questions about registration. 

    • 07 Nov 2018
    • (PST)
    • 2 sessions
    • Microsoft, 200 E Randolph St #200, Chicago, IL 60601

    Amidst all the furor surrounding everything from Edward Snowden, the DNC, and Wikileaks, to Equifax, Facebook, and Cambridge Analytica, the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to who-knows-what’s-next, data privacy presents some of the most threatening and challenging issues confronting a technology-dependent global society. For the legal profession, these issues encompass not only traditional practice areas such as intellectual property, torts, insurance, and Constitutional Law, but open whole new areas of practice addressing some not-previously-contemplated legal issues: social media; e-commerce; and digital media marketing, to name a few. And, while it might not be readily apparent, the growth of these new and exciting areas of legal practice expand the dimensions of the profession’s traditional diversity and inclusion efforts. Consider:

    • How will differing cultural notions of data privacy and personal data protection obligations influence the adoption of new technologies and the evolution of new concepts such as data ethics?
    • Who’s getting the opportunity to practice and help shape these areas of the law?
    • How can racial/ethnic minorities, women, and lawyers who are openly LGBT or who have disabilities build subject matter legal expertise in these new and burgeoning practice areas?
    • Is diversity and inclusion in the legal profession sufficiently robust to act as a counterweight to logical, social, or cultural biases that may operate to shape privacy and data protection laws?
    • How will technology and law converge to shape digital inclusion in the legal profession?

    Our speakers will compare and contrast diversity and inclusion practices and data privacy laws and cultural norms in Asia and the US and elsewhere to address these and other questions.

    Join us for a robust discussion about what’s next on the forefront of global data privacy laws, related social and digital media, and how can diverse lawyers break into or grow their practices in them. 

    There will be a reception following the program, from 5 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. 

    • 04 Dec 2018
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 3 sessions
    • Cercle de Lorraine, Place Poelaert 6, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

    As the legal profession becomes increasingly globalized through business and technology, issues of diversity and inclusion among lawyers – regardless whether they are in corporate law departments, law firms, or government agencies – are also becoming increasingly global. While the legal professions - in the English-speaking world - have been attempting to address these issues for many years and have made some progress, they have not been nearly as successful as one might expect from a profession of problem solvers! Join us for an interactive exploration of how to move the dial on diversity and inclusion in the legal profession in Europe:

    • What does “diversity and inclusion in the legal profession” look like in Europe and why does it matter?
    • Gender equality and LGBT+ are often the foundations for a robust D&I strategy.  But a truly inclusive strategy also encompasses other under-represented groups.  Are race, ethnicity, disabilities, class/social mobility, religion or generational differences relevant, acceptable, or comfortable components to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession Europe?
    • How can the legal profession in Europe reconcile global concepts about, and client demands for, diversity and inclusion with its own structures, professional constructs, and cultural norms?
    • How can the profession work together to advance diversity and inclusion and better mirror the communities it serves?


    10:00-10:30 pm - Registration 

    10:30-17:00 pm - Program 

    17:00-18:00 pm - Reception

    NOTE: Please email or call Jenna Meyers at or 312.554.2053 with any questions about registration. 

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