Have you ever attended a diversity program where you found yourself looking around the room and thinking that the audience was the choir, that those who needed to hear it, weren’t there?


Jump start conversations about diversity by putting the talk into action.

During the month of January engage in a Talk Into Action discussion by devoting ONE HOUR to discussing diversity and inclusion issues with another professional whose diversity is different from yours.


Enjoy the opportunity to discuss important issues with someone who may or may not share your views. Open someone’s eyes (or have your own opened) to a different perspective. 

At the end, snap a photo and send to We'll feature you on our social media accounts. Let’s see how many people are ready to move from talking to action!


WHO: Everyone. 
WHAT: Spend 1 hour in conversation with someone who is:

a) A different gender/race/ethnicity/sexual orientation/ gender identity/ability status;

b) A person with whom you have never had lunch in a group of fewer than three people; and, 

c) A person with whom you have never discussed diversity or inclusion in any detail. 

WHEN: January 2019
WHERE: In the office, over lunch or dinner, for coffee or cocktails, or anyplace/anytime you and your discussion partner would find comfortable and conversation-friendly
WHY: To encourage open discussion about diversity and inclusion.


Snap a photo of you and your partner and email to so we can feature your putting talk into action conversation on Linkedin and other social media!

Post your photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin, use #TalkintoAction & tag IILP!


  • What has prevented the legal profession from making more progress in becoming more diverse and inclusive?
  • What are constructive things that we can do to move the D&I needle in the legal profession?
  • What is one thing that a law firm/corporate law department/government agency/bar association etc could do to enhance D&I efforts?
  • How can we become more mindful and self-aware of our own implicit biases?
  • What are the best ways to engage people about the diversity and inclusion challenges and concerns beyond their own type of diversity?


Be open & honest about your perspective & experiences.

Treat each other and each other’s perspectives, opinions, and experiences with respect.

Talk Into Action discussions are just discussions. They are not debates and the objective is not to change the other person. 

The aim is for both participants to critically examine their own views, perspectives, and opinions by learning from the other’s.

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